“Back to the sixties” – gedicht van Rikus Kiers

And mutual trust
– Rikus Kiers –

Where are the flowers
and the peaceful heart
the days of winning with love
resistance to killing Viet-nam
and torches for peace

why again a christian who kills
and Christians who support
The answer is clear and written o­n coins
In God we trust to by our sirloins
And business is war oh Lord

For ages and ages we fought
To have money, land and slaves
We called it for God’s sake
And killed innocent man
Bush continues and half Europe he bought

So the southern man bought his new slaves
Together it’s the oil they will save
Not the lives of poor people who suffer
Saudi Arab and Turkey form the buffer
And soldiers from US and Europe will hunt and chase.

I always learned at home and in school
If you are big and strong, don’t use it as tool
To get harmful power and strength
To misuse others and so ask for revenge
So don’t make yourself to a dangerous fool.

So I prefer flowers and love and peace
Instead of war , money, oil and grease
Not that we are rich we need money, grease and oil
But not for all prices not by mankind’s death
I like justice through people we honor and spoil.

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